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My Luxe Yacht 

Experience Miami Like Never Before 

Yeah, As easy as it sounds!

8 Most Popular Miami Boating Experiences to Enjoy


Halover Sandbar


South Beach


Star Island

6413c7_d47d2d05cc89489a84149ac3750e4309_mv2 (1).jpg

Monument Island 

Nixon Sandbar


Light House


Marina Stadium

6413c7_9caddad1b841441987badb9e11be1f09_mv2 (1).jpg

Boca Chica Key

My Luxe Yacht Miami

We've been living in the Miami area for 17 years. We know the beaches, the most visited places, and the best known landmarks. We have a large fleet, with qualified captains who have knowledge of the Miami area and offshore islands like Bimini, Boca Chica, Key West, etc.


Our company guarantees one of the best prices in the market without hidden charges from intermediaries. We have an inventory for all types of budgets, from the highest to the lowest. Our company's purpose is to give you the luxury you deserve without breaking your pocket.

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